Why i write my blog again

Pedalling through
the dark currents
I find an accurate copy
a blueprint
of the pleasure in me



Hello, it ‘s been a long long time since i wrote my last blog @ exteen.com. I quited the blog scene several years ago because i was lazy and i thought at that time i need to keep something, some feeling, some space for myself alone. I felt danger. When blog and myspace culture came to our lives many years ago, it’s like everybody wanted to express or overexpose themselve to the world. And it’s too much. For me, i must limit that kind of exposedness  because if i revealed too much, i wouldnt have anything left.

But the time is changed. We are in the era of facebook and i found that the personal space like Facebook, nowadays turns to be the public space. Furthermore,  i found that i wrote many many things on facebook and it  disappeared very easily. So i open this blog as a place for me and my beloved friends & cinema lovers. It is so irony that the reason i create my blog again in the actual same reason why i closed my blog long time ago.

But we are in the era of irony, arent we?


2 Responses to “Why i write my blog again”

  1. 1 celinejulie มีนาคม 11, 2010 ที่ 3:50 pm

    Glad you are blogging again. I try to write in a blog, too, because it is easy to use a blog as a personal database. 🙂


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