Agora, Pontypool and Never Let Me Go photo

Agora (A++++++++++++++++++++)

Amenabar slaps every roman-epic movies like Troy, Gladiator, etc and presents his vision of what epic film in roman period should be made. It is not a war film but a war of beliefs. The film is created on the religious and class conflicts between Egyptian, Christian and Jews.

I will not surprise if the Vatican condemn this film because the portrait of Christian and Jews are extremes like The Passion of the Christ. This film should be screened with Mundane History because it’s as if the Astronomy scene in Mundane History was expanded and become this film.

I think Amenabar is so ambitious and he has a talent that match his ambition. I am very impressed how his career moved. He started as a master of horror with Thesis. Then he went to different style of horror like a romantic thriller (Open Your Eyes) and gothic melodrama (The Others). Later, he shifted to made biopic (Oscar winning The Sea Inside) and now he made a very intellectual epic drama with big budget. Where will he go next?

Pontypool (Bruce McDonald, A++++++++++++++++++++++++)

I will write about it next time. A great minimalist thriller.

love this photo from Never Let Me Go very much. I guess this film is made for me and my friends. It s about a mystery in girl school in the forest. Directed by Mark Romanek (One Hour Photo, A+) from the novel of Kazuo Ishiguro (A+++++, The Remains of the Day, The Saddest Music in the World, The White Countess !!!) Screenplay by Alex Garland (A)

Casts : Kiera Knightley (A), Carey Mulligan (A++), Sally Hawkins (A+++), Charlotte Rampling (A+++)


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